Monday, May 18, 2015

New Feature: Hide Opportunities

We just released the ability to hide opportunities. When opportunities are hidden, they immediately disappear and are not shown again in the future. In the list, you'll see the hide button in the top right corner of each card.

When you click the hide button, the opportunity will be replaced with a message that tells you what was hidden. That message includes an undo button for those whose fingers are sometimes quicker than their mind.

There is also a hide button on the details screen. When you click that button, you will be returned to the list where the opportunity is again replaced with the short message and an undo button.

As Find-A-Record searches for opportunities and finds some that you have hidden, it will show a message telling you how many opportunities are not being shown.

The message includes a link to a page where you can review the list of hidden opportunities. If you no longer want one to be hidden you can click the unhide button.

This has been the most requested feature. We are sure you'll like it. Try it now by signing in to the Find-A-Record Research Assistant.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome new feature, thanks for adding this one in!