Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Feedback Request: New Opportunities List Design

We are working on a new design for the Research Assistant opportunities list and would love to have your feedback about it.

The primary driver behind the new design is the ability to turn individual opportunities on or off. Right now you can turn off an entire category. If you just wanted to find Problems then you could turn Source, Person, Relationships, and Cleanup opportunities off. However, there is no way to turn off "Marriage with no Children" while keeping "Person Died Before They Were Born" turned on.

Here's the current list.

Here's the new design.

  • We moved the category buttons from the top over to the left and made them expandable so that you can turn off opportunities individually.
  • There are "All" and "None" buttons at the bottom of the categories so that you don't have to click 13 times to disable all of the Cleanup opportunities.
  • Your settings for which opportunities are enabled and disabled will be saved in the browser you're using. If you switch to a different browser or device then you'll lose your settings. We will sync the settings between browsers and devices once we've settled on the design.
  • Some people didn't realize that you can click on the cards to see more so we added a "Details" button that appears when the mouse hovers over the card.
  • We made the list one column instead of two which gave us more room to add content to the cards such as the person's photo, summary information, and relationship popup.
You can try this out now on our beta website at https://beta.findarecord.com. Just remember it's a beta site primarily used for development and testing; we make no guarantees about it's reliability or availability.

We would love to have your feedback on this. Is this an improvement? Does it make sense? What do you like about it? What do you wish was different? Leave a comment below or use the Feedback link at the top of findarecord.com.


  1. I'm excited about most of these new updates, but I have a few suggested changes:

    - Add some sort of "Check All" and "Uncheck All" functionality. While I love the new filtering options, it is now 3 times longer to uncheck everything but Ordinances, for example.

    - Simplify the opportunities card layout by removing the birth and death information dates and places, or at least reducing it down to a simple date range like "1903-1995". People don't need to see all of the detailed information just to select an opportunity to work on, let the details stay behind the new [Details] button.

    I love the simplicity of the Find-A-Record Research Assistant, which is why I recommend it to so many people I know working on doing their Family History. Please keep the user interface simple to keep the experience simple.


    -Ryan C.

    1. Great feedback Ryan. Did you know that we already had "Check All" functionality? It was at the bottom of the groups. You can see it in the screenshot. But it was a sub-par design. I updated it so that there is a checkbox in the group title bar that also lets you know what the current status is (all, none, partial).

      I agree that the new cards are too busy. I'll see what I can do to simplify them.

    2. And I just finished simplifying the cards by removing the birth and death info and shrinking the photo.