Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Research Opportunities and LDS Ordinances

We just updated the Find-A-Record Research Assistant to add new features and more research opportunities.

View Opportunities For An Ancestor

The list of opportunities is generated by scanning your tree starting with you and working out towards your ancestors. This makes the list of opportunities roughly ordered by how closely related someone is to you. But what if you wanted to view opportunities for your 4th-great-grandmother and her family? There are now two ways to do this.

When viewing the details of an opportunity, you can click the "Ancestor's Opportunities" button. This will reload the opportunities list with that ancestor as the starting point.

The Find-A-Record Chrome Extension was also updated to send users to the new Research Assistant from inside the FamilySearch Family Tree. The Find-A-Record pin appears in the address bar when viewing an ancestor profile in the Family Tree. Clicking it will send you to the Research Assistant opportunity list with that ancestor as the starting point.

More Research Opportunities

We added more research opportunities:
  • Children born before their parents marriage
  • A person that has no name
  • A person with poorly formatted names
  • A person with duplicate names
We create an open source library called fs-check which we use to generate the research opportunities. You can read it's documentation to see a list of all possible research opportunities.

Do you have any ideas for additional research opportunities? Leave a comment below or send use the feedback link at the top of every page on our main site.

LDS Ordinances

Another significant update is that LDS users will begin to see opportunities about LDS ordinances. An opportunity will appear when someone is found that has ordinances which are ready to be reserved.