Friday, May 9, 2014

Updates to Research Assistant and the Chrome Extension

The Find-A-Record Research Assistant has been updated to now display information about marriages. For each spouse a person had, the records attached to that relationship in the Family Tree will be shown. If a marriage date and place is available for the relationship then we will also show collections where you might be able to find marriage records.

The Find-A-Record Chrome Extension was updated so that it now sends you to the Research Assistant from ancestor profiles in the FamilySearch Family Tree. Previously, the B M D buttons displayed prominently on the left side of the screen. We have removed those and instead put in icon on the right side of the URL bar, as is more conventional for Chrome Extensions. When the icon is clicked, it will send you to the Research Assistant page for that ancestor.

Old buttons inserted by the Find-A-Record Chrome Extension
New URL icon inserted by the Find-A-Record Chrome Extension
This change only affects the FamilySearch Family Tree. The B M D buttons will still appear in Ancestry member trees.


  1. I have tried Find a Record but the Chrome extension I use much more is RootsSearch. See their webpage under Settings/Extensions for more information about how it works. It is great and I use it every day.